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Blanks II, 2012

Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Online Catalogue, Daguerreotypes Collection (1840-1860), Brady, Mathew B., ca. 1823-1896

The sources for the Blanks are Mathew Brady daguerreotype portraits found in the Library of Congress online catalogue. Selections were made based on the archivist's notation: "Image Deteriorated Beyond Recognition." These images were downloaded as 12 megapixel tif files and reprinted without alteration at Adoramapix.com, where "Priceless Pictures Printed for Less."

The archivist's impulse to preserve a daguerreotype portrait that no longer performs its proper function as a portrait fascinates me. Daguerreotype portraits are valued for their capacity to depict their subjects with razor sharp detail and clarity. The online images are precise records of something--the daguerreotype's poor material condition at the time of the scan--and yet they are also perfectly delineated records of the wrong thing, since they no longer have representational value as Brady portraits. Or do they? At the end of his long and illustrious career, Mathew Brady had almost nothing material to show. He was broke, had no studio, and had lost many of his negatives to his creditors.